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AI and the future of the Psychic Medium

Artificial Intelligence, or AI is being touted as the future wave.

I recently had the question posed to me, “How do you think AI will affect you, as a psychic medium?” Instantly I was transported back to my teen years where I would eagerly flip to the astrology predictions in my local paper. Wasn’t that the same thing?

Could I be replaced by technology?

Yes, AI is easily accessible. Sure, AI has unlimited data available. AI can instantly answer my question. All of these are positive aspects of using AI. The major difference? AI does not hold the spiritual knowledge and intuition that I do. AI is logic-based and doesn’t offer the personal experiences and empathy I can. As a psychic medium, connecting with my clients is an important part of the experience I offer. It is important that they feel safe, heard, and understood. I can share their emotional experience and offer kindness, which AI can never offer.

Often when a client seeks out a psychic medium, they are looking for reassurance, and direction, not just facts. A computer program cannot offer the human experience I can.

While I think it’s possible, and even likely that AI will replace parts of our world, I believe AI will never negatively affect what I offer as a psychic medium. Sometimes a human experience outweighs data and logic in the world.

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1 Comment

so true! Erin is highly gifted in how she connects emotionally with her clients. I value her counsel.

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