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Stones of Protection

As empaths we are like a sponge absorbing the energy and emotions of other people, and even the places we visit. Crowds can be overwhelming, and so can certain individuals that we come into contact with on a daily basis.

One simple way to help protect us from unwanted energy is to incorporate specific stones into our space. This can easily be achieved by finding jewellery made with these protective stones, placing them in our homes or workspaces or even by carrying them in our pockets.

Here is a list of the stones that I most commonly recommend to clients. Choose the option that you are most drawn to. You will recognize what you need.

1. Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline will not only block negative energies, but it is also known to cleanse and purify space. I often suggest this stone when someone feels like there is a negative energy in their living or work space. Placing black tourmaline in points of entry, such as window sills and doors will prevent negative energy from coming into your space.

2. Black Obsidian

Black obsidian is a great multi-purpose stone. In addition to creating a protective shield around

you, it can also purify your space and help you ground. For these reasons, black obsidian is a.

great option for those who have anxiety in social settings, and crowded areas.

3. Jet

It is said that Jet is considered to be one of the most powerful absorbers of negative energy. It is

also said to ground and ward off anxiety. This stone can help you obtain clarity of thought, and

increase your independence. This could prove to be particularly useful to people with an aversion

to crowds.

Remember when selecting your stones, there is no right or wrong option. Larger isn’t better, and there is no difference between polished or raw. It’s all about which stone calls you.

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