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Tips for Ridding Your Living Space of Negative Energy

Our homes should be our sanctuaries. We strive to create a place where we feel safe and that is welcoming to those who enter into our dwelling.  Over time though, our homes absorb the energy of everything that happens inside its walls.

Just imagine that every single conversation we have, every emotion we feel, every person we invite into our home, all leave behind an imprint which can become trapped inside of our homes. All of these emotions and thoughts can affect the way that we feel within our space. 

We may find ourselves feeling sluggish or just out of sorts without understanding why. Chances are there is pent up negative energy within our living space that needs to be removed. How can we do that? 

Here are some simple ways to clear your environment.

1.  Burn Sage or Incense

This is one of my favorite ways to cleanse the air in my environment.  White sage sticks, sticks with lavender added to them, or Palo Santo wood sticks will all provide a pleasant scent and clear the negativity from your space.  Select the fragrance that you enjoy and use it to change up the energy in your environment.

2. Open Your Windows

Yes, it really is that easy.  Changing the air out might sound obvious, but it’s easy to forget to do when we are at work all day.

3.  Put on your Favorite Music

Have you ever noticed how a specific song can affect your mood?  It works the same way with your home.  Put some fun, fast moving music on and turn up the volume!  This will raise the vibration within your home.

4.  Move some Furniture

Change up the feeling of a space by moving your furniture around.  Even adding new pillows or plants can make a difference.  Give your space a new feeling by switching up the location of a chair, or adding a rug.

No matter which method you choose to remove any negativity, remember to make it fun!

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